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April 28, 2020

Mineral Acquisition & Exploration

RGC  is a U.S. based mineral Exploration and Exploitation company focused on Mineral Resources such as Gold / Copper / Silver.

A Gold, Silver and other precious minerals company focused on growth through:

  • Acquisition of permits with significant some geological work completed

  • Production of ore bodies with economically viable assets.

  • Exploration of additional promising prospects.

Our strength, expertise, and strategic relationships in North America and the Caribbean create a unique ability to have access to and acquire highly attractive properties. These permits contain very attractive return on investment characteristics due to their low initial capital investment, and, in many cases, early time to production.

 Mission Statement

  • RGC’s shareholder value will be increased through comprehensive strategic plans and focus on executing to achieve clearly identified goals and objectives.

  • RGC believes its value will be created by the development of our resources rather than the development of our public relations campaign. Precious metal exploration takes commitment and execution, and only a laser focus on consistent performance and a long-term perspective can turn possibilities into success.

  • RGC is committed to increasing shareholders’ value through endurance, determination, and wise management of investor capital.

  • RGC is a privately held company.

  • If you are interested on learning more about us and how we are using our mining project to make impact in communities, please contact us.


"Social Impact Development Mining"

April 28, 2020

Resource Générale Corporation (RGC) is a U.S.-based mineral exploration and Development Company focused on gold, silver, platinum, nickel and other minerals in Haiti under a wholly own Haiti subsidiary DSM S.A with an Exploitation Permit  for the MB Gold/Silver/Copper Deposit (2,500 Hectares).

SGH  is a sister company of RGC; SGH is a U.S Based mineral exploration and Development Company focused on gold, silver, platinum, nickel and other minerals in Haiti and currently holds its wholly owned subsidiary B which is the owner of “AGC-  S.A” with a property name “GRAND BOIS” (5,000 Hectares). GB property hold an Exploration Permit of which an Exploitation Permit is automatically obtainable once a feasibility study is provided pursuant to the Haitian Concession Agreement with the Government and the Mining Law.

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